Ladies ofvoronezh – A Story Review

“Memories of Velvet Roof” is the third novel I read by simply Anna Puck. This time, Some have to look for a female belief on this scenario because it was clearly created for a male perspective. My spouse and i liked the descriptions of Vorkovia, specifically its cobbled streets as well as the knowledge that most of the people have come to know it as being a city in transition. Puck’s character, Alexey, was interesting, funny and sensible; and I esteemed her decision to write regarding the place rather than focus on living of Alexey alone.

The story depends on Alexey, now settled in Vorkovia, doing work as a new driver for a tour bus service. A female he connected with in school, Olga, calls him one day and invites him to meet her for a lunch break. After a quick and delicious a lunch break, both of them get to know each other better and exchange gift items. Things progress from there, right up until a girl requests Alexey to get her boyfriend, and they the two go to a prom together.

The establishing of this fresh is very pleasant. This starts out in the typical cities of Vorkovia near St Petersburg. They will walk just a few blocks into a new building constructed in an ancient chapel and spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sights, odours, and emotions of the city. The next morning, because Anna can be leaving, this lady spots some form of commotion on the entrance for the park that catches her attention.

A homeless vagabond is definitely living in the park. Ould – approaches the homeless vagabond and requests him so why he has chosen to are living in that particular region. He tells her that your girl he lives with, Olga, uses her benefits to fork out meant for food, lodgings and her daily new driver back and forth to school. In return, the vagabond refuses to let Olga use his benefits, which include helping out at the destitute shelter.

Anna determines to visit Olga and discovers her chatting with an additional girl. Each of the girls are planning to join the “Free Movement” which in turn aims to deliver attention to the conditions inside the country’s slums. Meanwhile, the “Free Movement” is assembly in a area for what they call “concerts”. None of the women know that the concert is organized by simply Anna’s neighbour.

In the morning, Anna determines to investigate the “concert hall”. While the girl with inside, this girl meets Flotta, a middle-aged woman just who lives on a nearby lane. The two women of all ages strike up a conversation and find out that the concert hall will be used as being a stash stage for much illegal money. Choose this information, Anna goes to the authorities and reviews the problem. The professionals are interested in locating the owner for the property make out to question Olga.